Big Spaceship: Ready to Go Big? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Big Spaceship, a digital marketing agency, faced a fairly enormous challenge to scale the distinctive culture that was crucial to its competitive strategy? Distinguished for the cutting edge web sites that it developed to market important Hollywood films and leading consumer brands, the business had won numerous awards and garnered significant attention within the advertising business. In mid-2008, Big Spaceship remained modest (it had fewer than 50 workers) but was poised for significant growth. For founder and CEO Michael Lebowitz, the fundamental challenge was to find out how and whether the service could retain its boutique culture while transcending its boutique size. The case begins by briefly summarizing the background, along with the history of Big Spaceship of Lebowitz since its foundation in 2000002E

Subsequently the case shifts to a discussion of outside dynamics: the company's value proposition, which focused on providing start-to-finish, strategy-driven digital marketing alternatives; its interaction with clients; and its relationship with recognized players in the promotion industry. The case examine the firm's internal dynamics. Here, in addition to relating the culture of Big Spaceship, the case puts special weight on the company's recent shift from a functional structure to a team-based structure. Eventually, the case provides a summary of key problems that his team and Lebowitz must consider as they plan for the firm's growth --how to raise capital, the best way to estimate the ideal size for the company, the best way to manage an expanding staff.

PUBLICATION DATE: February 02, 2009 PRODUCT #: 409047-PDF-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Big Spaceship: Ready to Go Big?

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