Bethesda Lutheran Communities Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Bethesda Lutheran Communities Case Solution

Bethesda is considered as a not for profit organization, which operates in the US with the purpose of serving humanity. Bethesda was founded at Water town in the year 1904 and operates in the Health Care and Hospital industry. The basic purpose of the organization is to provide support to the disabled people such as providing intellectual support and development support so that these people can live as they want. Bethesda is serving since more than 100 years with a workforce of about 1000-1500 employees.

1. What is your Strategic Assessment of Bethesda?

What is your external and internal environmental analysis of the organization?

In order to analyze the internal environment of the organization, strengths and weaknesses elements of SWOT analysis could be used, as these elements could help to analyze the core strengths of the organization. Moreover, it is expected that these core strengths could help the management of Bethesda to achieve the desired future objectives.

Core Strengths:

Bethesda is operating in the Hospital and Healthcare industry for more than 100 years, hence the organization has significant market presence with great history.

 The current workforce of the organization is more than 1500, which shows that the organization has significant human resource and in this age of technology, having experienced workforce could provide advantage over the other competitors that are operating in similar industry.

Bethesda is considered as a not for profit organization and the main purpose of the company osto serve humanity, therefore having social objectives provides greater advantage to NGOs as compared to the profit organizations.

 In addition to the person centered services, Bethesda is also famous for providing faith based services and community connected services, which provides global recognition to the organization.


Economic crisis has affected the per capital GDP of the US residents as well as it has decreased their purchasing power, hence the people have less amount to give to the welfare organizations, which has affected that financial health of the Bethesda as well.

The operational efficiency of the organization has decreased significantly.

The organization is facing quality issues which has negatively affected the goodwill of the organization and the management of the organization is expecting less donations due to quality issues.

External Environment

In order to analyze the external environment of the Bethesda, Opportunities and Threats elements from the SWOT analysis could be used.


The organization is operating in the US with significant recognition throughout the country, hence the organization could enter the global market.

In addition to provide personal support and community support, Bethesda can merge its operations with the organization, which provides support during disasters and entering in to this segment could help the organization to deal with the financial constraints as the frequency of natural disasters in the US is high as compared to the other countries.


The management of Bethesda should pay close attention to the quality related issues as providing low quality could negatively affect the image of the organization, which could create additional financial constraints for the organization.

In addition to this, the management of Bethesda should improve the efficiency of operations as Bethesda is famous for maintaining effectiveness with respect to its operations and low operational efficiency may lead to the greater financial concerns.

Moreover, many social organizations are operating in the US with the aim to provide similar facilities as Bethesda is providing but with higher quality and higher operational efficiency, therefore increasing competition is also a serious threat for the organization. (Bethesda Lutheran Communities, 2016)

Should the organization consolidate its operations into a more centralized location? If so, how and where should this occur?

The organizational structure of Bethesda is non-centralized as various divisions are performing their operations independently, which has resulted in an increased operational cost with lower operational efficiency.........................

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