Beyondsoft IPO A Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Beyondsoft, a leading outsourcing companies in China, began to prepare for its overseas listing in 2004, including the establishment of red-chip structure needs foreign listing and introduction of foreign institutional investors. However, the global financial crisis erupted when Beyondsoft is going to submit its listing application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 2007. As a result, Beyondsoft had no choice but to defer the listing plan and sincerely deal with a sudden crisis. Only after Beyondsoft demonstrated stable performance and cash flow in 2009, made his list was put on the agenda again. However, the U.S. equity market has not been as booming as it was in the past, after the peak of the crisis, making it difficult to open the window for a listing in the United States to wait patiently, looking forward to the next boom in the U.S. capital market, to come soon, or go to other foreign markets or foreign decisively reject the catalog and return to the domestic market? Beyondsoft President Ben Wang fell in repeated comparisons and options. Finally, Beyondsoft decided to return to the domestic market share and successfully listed in the SME board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 6, 2012. IPO Beyondsoft cases include part (A) and part (B). (A) is primarily used for classroom discussion, and (B) after the class reference for the students' Hide
by Ning Jia, Hong Zhang Source: Tsinghua University 24 pages. Publication Date: October 30, 2012. Prod. #: TU0032-PDF-ENG

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