BET: The Edge on Talent Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case discusses the importance of human resource management in the creation of competitive advantage for organizations. Robert L. Johnson desire not to work for someone led him to become the founder and chief executive officer of Black Entertainment Television (BET), the first African-American owned cable network in 1980. Under the leadership of Johnson, BET became state property in 1991, he returned to the private sector after seven years, and in 2001 was sold to Viacom for $ 3 billion valuation. Against the background of success, Johnson has never lost sight of one of its original goals: to provide people of color the opportunity to be successful business leaders. Debra Lee Johnson joined in 1986 as the company continued to implement the vision. Not only BET black ownership, but most of the leaders, entertainment talent, and the staff were African American and products company focused on the African American community. When BET was sold, questions were raised about the changes that may occur after the predominantly white-controlled media company took over this predominantly African-American company. They were faced with a problem: what happens if and when Johnson left the interest rate? As Johnson and Lee to continue the original vision and goals BET and maintain a culture, leadership style, and human resources management approach to people as soon as it became a division of Viacom? Was the change inevitable? If so, then they have to change, and more importantly, how they are going to have their employees on board? Although rates have made it to the top, will be opportunities for people of color aside? Education information is available only to registered faculty, along with a video supplement to enhance student achievement. "Hide
by Erika H. James, Martin N. Davidson, Gerry Yemen Source: Darden School of Business 11 pages. Publication Date: May 21, 2004. Prod. #: UV3252-PDF-ENG

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BET: The Edge on Talent

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