Bertelsmann: The Ownership Question Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Leaders of Bertelsmann AG (BAG), the 5th largest in the world of media conglomerates, and the first in Europe, it was decided to do at the beginning of 2006. Under the agreement it reached in 2000, GBL, its sole shareholder is not controlled by the family Mohn, had the right to sell its 25% stake in the company on the stock market, if it has not reached an agreement with the Mohn family in advance to buy the stake at a price negotiated . Summarized Bertelsmann business lines, corporate culture, and its management structure in the family and business management, as well as the conditions of the two alternatives and their consequences for the company described (IPO versus share repurchases). Students must take a full justification for its recommendation on which alternative to take, as if they were in the shoes Gunter Thielen, CEO of Bertelsmann. "Hide
by FA Neumann, Josep Tapies Source: IESE 15 pages. Publication Date: October 10, 2006. Prod. #: IES164-PDF-ENG

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Bertelsmann: The Ownership Question

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