Stretching the Mind: Developing an Adaptive Lens to Deal with Complexity Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In today's complex environment, the thinkers that are most successful are able to effectively and immediately abstract the greatest qualities of radically different 'ways of seeing' and apply them to the scenario at hand. The writers describe how the thoughts of these 'integrative thinkers' are dialectical - 'diaminds' for short - in that they can holds at least two contradictory ways of seeing in any critical situation, give each its total due, and instead of fleeing from the ensuing pressure, embrace it and come up with a third and better way.

'Stretching' the mind to achieve this, they contend, is a basis of the diamind's manner of being in the world; they describe how this is achieved and how we can willfully augment our head's faculties of real-time believing to reach creative alternatives.

Stretching the Mind Developing an Adaptive Lens to Deal with Complexity case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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