Hope Bloom: Marketing Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Hope Bloom as a Social Enterprise & Charity Organization

Hope blooms functions are different from its competitors in the following ways:


Hope Bloom recently registered itself as a charity organization, previously it operated as a social enterprise obtaining resources like, land (abandoned garden from local community for cultivation), human resource (small children from nearby community) raised fund (mostly through donations) from its local community.


It had started farming business from a donation of 100 tomatoes from the city as a donation. Its core mission of business is to obtain resources from the community and in turn serve the community by initiating various social welfare programs, providing scholar ships to the deserving children of the deprived community. Its objective is not to optimise its profitability & to increase the wealth of the shareholders as the core objective of any commercial organization.


Five Challenges in Developing Organization Strategy


The five challenges that Jollymore necessarily need to consider in the planning & development of her long-term organizational strategy are:

She need to forecast the future cash flows since most of the operating financial resources comes from donations& the profit generated from operations would not be sufficient enough to fulfil all the operational needs of the business, they are in the growth phase and they need to inject more resources to increase their current level of productivity therefore securing ample financial resources would be necessary to keep the pace.
Hope Bloom Marketing Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The availability of skill & experience human resources would be necessary for smooth operations of the business. The existing employees of the organization are mostly self-motivated, they are committed people and are willing to serve their local community. But in the long run she needs to anticipate the demand to meet the increasing requirement.

Increasing demand for product followed by public appearance on a national TV show at CBC, Dragons’ Den. Hope Bloom became for the first time caught the attention of the public on such a large scale & people like the way they are doing business with a motivation to serve the society. She need to ensure the availability of the product to meet the increased demand, as product is organic it needs some time from order to delivery therefore a proper supply chain management system would be needed in the long run


Further the change of structure from social entrepreneur to charitable organization opens a new window for opportunities but also possesses some threats. The change status would increase its donation as it provides benefit of tax saving for donor, but they also started taking more interest into business activities. Therefore it would increase accountability & require more transparency in the operations of the organization..................

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