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Facets of Experiments:

The company’s core motive behind having the experimentation is to not focus on the tiny measurements to be taken for the success of the company but to drive its focus on the bigger and influential steps to be taken by the company for having more success, which can also put the company in major risks. This aggressive strategy might stimulates the consumer mind if the company doubles the price of the product, then its product quality will be enhanced, and this perception in the consumers’ minds  will provide the company with more benefits than its competitors have

Constraints in Testing Process:

In order to run the good pricing tests, the company has made efficient attempts with the short time duration 4 weeks for  achieving a significant sample size, but the company got constrained in the number of tests running. More of it, the project did not haveany time limitation, resulting tothe unlimited projectsstorage in software developed by the company.

Advantages of Testing:

There are several advantages of A / B testing, which include the(Target Marketing: The Secret to Marketing Success, 2009)

  • Valuable test when the company has low information rate tests: If your greeting page has just a minimum amount of changes on daily basis then you can’t utilize a further developed tuning technique in an efficient way.
  • Simplicity of execution:Numerous product bundles bolster the basic split tests. You might have the option to gather the information you need, with your current web investigation devices.
  • Simplicity of test structure:Split tests don’t require to be structured or adjusted in a complex and systematic way. You can just choose the number of variants you require for the test, and after that split the accessible traffic among them equally.
  • Simplicity of examination:Basic factual tests are expected to decide the champs. You should simply contrast the gauge adaptation from every challenger to check whether you’ve arrived at your ideal factual certainty level.
  • Adaptability in characterizing the variable qualities:The capacity to blend and match enables you to test a scope of transformative and progressive choices in a single test, without being compelled by more granular meaning of factors in a multivariate test.

Disadvantages of Testing:

There are some disadvantages of A / B testing which includes the(Target Marketing: The Secret to Marketing Success, 2009)

  • Predetermined number of plans (constraints):You might need to test many components on your greeting pages, due to the restricted extent of the split testing.
  • Un-economical accumulation of information:Having numerous split tests consecutively is the most inefficient sort of information accumulation. None of the data from a past test can be reused to reach the determinations about different factors that you might need to test afterwards.

Interpretation of Data form A / B Test:

The data which is found out after doing the test analysis, whose summary is also referred to in Exhibit 1 indicates that the number of paying customers in each cohort are divided by the total number of registrations in order to calculate the conversion percentage. The conversion percentage indicates that the users are willing to pay when they are presented with a lucrative offer. The test group had 28 out of 1573 registrants converted to the paid plan, which seems to be a reduction from the control group, which had converted 120 out of 3483 sample size.

The average of monthly price that the customer pays in a cohort is calculated to drive the plan value, which indicates the willingness of users to select a less or more expensive plan when it is presented with an attractive offer. The least expensive plan has been chosen by the users when the prices have been doubled as compared to the original scheme of pricing; as there is a 100% increase in price, due to which the plan value has also increased by 68% for the test group i.e. $42.25 for the control group. After multiplication, the plan value and conversion percentage generate the value/signup, the expected value of new account per month (paid or free) in the cohort. The new account worth 16% lower in the test group as compared to the control group.

Optimal Price 20 Dollars:

The optimal price that has been found by doing the Westendorp price sensitivity survey, indicates very cheap price of a product,which might create lower quality perception in the consumers’ minds. The optimal price of 20 dollars is very cheap price, which will create the negative impact in the mind of consumers, resulting in the company to have an ultimate drop down in the number of customers who could be willing to purchase this kind of product, further resulting in a big loss of customer life time value.

Variables or Segment Used in Customers and Comparable:

Three variables or segment have been used in customers and comparables, which include the following:

  • Feature pricing, such as the price associated with the number of tiers in a software.
  • Per user pricing i.e. an increase in the number of available users will lead to an increase in the total cost, because it will derive increased customer value.
  • Depth of usage pricing such as the amount of storage used in the software or the number of projects used in that software.

Pricing Research Option:

The pricing research option which is considered the best option is reducing the annual payment method. The reasons are stated below:

  • The objective of this pricing research is to improve the cash flows and increase the customers’ Long term value (LTV).
  • The research methodology is based on the number of accounts that churn early after adoption, and will be helpful in forecasting as well.


After the performance of the above mentioned analysis, it has been found that the optimal price of 20 dollars indicates avery cheap price of a product, which might create aperception of cheaper quality products in the consumers’ mind. So, this method seems to be failed in finding out the optimal price solution, which is also beyond the described range of the product price. This is why, the company should introduce different price ranges for their diversified customers, by making different pricing strategies for them.

Exhibit 1: A / B Test Data Table



GroupSamplePlan ValueValue Per Sign Up
Control3438$ 42.25$ 1.47
Test1573$ 71.14$ 1.27

Exhibit 2: Pricing Research Option


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