Banco BCI and the Corporacion Credito al Menor Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Corporacion Credito al Menor (CCM) was established to protect young girls at risk of failure, poverty or abuse. CCM was designed Banco BCI, a local bank. Early supporters were the heads and BCI bank controller, which provided funds from his own pocket to fund nascent institutions. Later, the bank has contributed additional funding. Although there was no legal agreement that is associated CCM Banco BCI, while de facto commitment and cooperation developed between the two organizations. Nonprofit grew and faced with the expansion of its facilities in other regions of the country. The decision to expand requires a search for new sources of funding and the CCM examination beyond the boundaries of the Bank to seek new donors. However, this option may jeopardize the special relationship developed between the CCM and the BCI. Burning process by which individual business leaders can become social entrepreneurs. "Hide
by Mladen Koljatic, Monica Silva Source: Social Enterprise Knowledge Network 20 pages. Publication Date: July 28, 2003. Prod. #: SKE013-PDF-ENG

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Banco BCI and the Corporacion Credito al Menor

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