Baidu (百度): Beating Google at its Own Game? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-1-0275 © 2008
Cossin, Didier; Zhang, Jinxuan

Google is the closest thing the Web has to an eventual answer machine,” yet, it did not have an respond to its own Chinese dilemma – how it can go into China and yet not be evil; how it can make its investments in China work and eventually be the leader.

This case looks at two top internet search and online advertising firms: Baidu and Google – its major Chinese competitor that had reached something that Microsoft had not yet managed – surpassing Google. It allows for conversations on strategy, fiscal well-being and operation, valuation and market dynamics, investment strategy on risk and correlation, and etc, and compares these two businesses by looking at both the international as well as the local level in China Learning objectives: Offers the possibility to compare and discuss a complete range of issues strategy relating to China, on company strategy, financial performance, valuation, market dynamics together with investment strategies.

Subjects: Strategy; Financial analysis; Financial performance; Valuation; Over-valuation; Market dynamics; Investment strategy; Behavior finance; Risk; Risk correlation; China; International

Settings: China; USA; Global; Online advertising; Internet search engine; 2007 revenue: Baidu $0.24 billion; Google $16.6 billion; 2007-2008

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