Hi-Ho Yo-Yo Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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The company can use Statistical Process Control (SPC) method in order to monitor the production process by using control charts. The company can identify variations or trends in the excellence of the resources by collecting the data that is in process or else random samples of the production at a variety of stages of the construction procedure and can analyze processes that will probably have an effect on the superiority of the finished product. By using this method, the company can detect and prevent problems in much earlier stages of the production. The decision of early problems from implementing Statistical Process Control will also help the company to reduce the wasted time as well as resources and identify all possible problems in the early stages of the production.

hi-ho yo-yo inc case study solution

hi-ho yo-yo inc case study solution

The company can also conduct the troubleshooting study if they identify the problem in the end of the product line. The company can also develop the measurements of the performance by analyzing the current processes, identifying problems, predicting future returns and benchmarking the current processes of the product line. The company can use different and innovative business strategies in order to improve their superiority and output.

The company can also build projects that describe the problem related to the product processes in order to identify the root causes of the problems and then the company can plan interventions to improve these processes. In addition to this, control production with the purpose related to defects in the product can be solved early as it can impact the final stage of the product. The company should evaluate the productivity and quality gain by increasing the level of satisfaction of customers and using their feedback to get better current products.


The company needs to involve quality assurance in all of its process that begins from the planning of the product, material procurement expansion, manufacture, distribution channels, sales along with services to purpose protected and consistent product to customers. The company should train all their staff effectively as they will be capable of producing high quality products as well as increase and improve the production of the company’s products. The company should standardize its procedures and policies of quality assurance throughout the company in order to maximize the efficiency of its production.

 The company also needs to meet the significant security standards and carry on in order to answer to the desired requirements of customers that will also result in high level of customer satisfaction. It should also do root cause analysis in order to identify the actual grounds of defects in the production of the product process. The company should involve the experts to improve the safety of their product items.

It can also create a long-term plan in order to improve the quality of products by dividing the plan into small steps and continuously making changes in order to achieve objectives of each step in the plan..............................

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