Asynchronous Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Asynchronous  Case Solution


Asynchronous education is quite difficult than the normal education, because it involves direct participation of students where they learn through discussions, research projects, learning activities, such as: quizzes, mind games and video demonstrations. The course is initiated in the VCU School of business, where it will be taught to the student of graduation level, which will enhance their learning and different dimension thinking level.


The problem has occurred when when Mr Dean Greer has analysed the course of Asynchronous and now he has to think of the method to deliver it to the students efficiently and he also has to figure out that what would be the learning outline. As the course is subjected to provide learning ability to the students and there are insufficient facilities which can provide the best way of delivering the lectures through digitalization process.Asynchronous section needs to be well-organized, which should be able to create the level of learning, which would make the students love to participate in the activities. Mr Dean Grier is extensively figuring out regarding what could be the lesson plan to demonstrate the best method of teaching the subject to the students.

Solutions and benefits

.The best way to deliver the lectures and lesson to the students is by giving them group projects based on various topics where they would conduct researches and would learn about different things. This will improve their writing skills and their analysis competencies for their professional life.

  • Moreover, they lectures could be delivered to the students through various videos and writing assignments, which would enhance their writing techniques.
  • The other way to teach them is by giving presentations on general topics which can be more interesting and more related to real life lessons, which would create the speaking power and would boast their confidence level as well.

Costs and Risks

There is an involvement of higher cost recurrence to implement such plans because of the digital use and the requirement of more instructors. There are certain risks like budget of the particular course, which has the tendency to get exceeded alongside an increased requirement of extra resources for the course.

The extracurricular activities can be risky sometimes, because mostly students cannot focus on them as they are burdened with doing well in their academics to have better grades. For such risks, a contingency plan should be made where the ratio of the activities must be minimum and related to the academic courses, where the students would concentrate easily a the positive consequence should be driven.........................

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