Assignment 1 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Assignment 1 Case Solution

Question 1

Systems approach to management

Systems approach to management is considered as one of the most important element in any organization asit is seen as an open or an organic part to perform the overall results of the operations. In some cases, it consists of the sub-parts, which can be considered as the baseline to use the systems effectively.

However, systems approach can be based on the ability to perform inter-related and interdependent tasks, which also indicates that it would be considered as an assembler or the combination of different parts and processes to perform the whole results in a unified way.On the other hand, most of the systems are based on the hierarchy process, which indicates that each of the sub-system is connected with each other and thus,integrated into the whole system.

With all this discussion, it has been determined that there are some important features and factors that would be considered as the key parts of any system in order to run the operations smoothly.

  • Consists of inter-dependent or sub-parts connected with each other.
  • Strong relationships between the sub-systems to perform the unified result.
  • Determines the internal as well as external categories in order to know which would be more preferable in the given situation.
  • Entirely dependent on the given input in order to convert into the output level.

Related to Cybernetics

In the field of cybernetics, it shows that the terms are quite similar to the system theory as it is based on the thinking that is similar to the process, which indicates that it consists of the sub-parts of the system, which would allow performing collaboratively in order to perform the unified result. Therefore,according to cybernetics, it can be seen that the system would perform effectively as well as it would adopt most of the theory of cybernetics to perform the systems effectively.

Adoption in Learning Organization

On the other hand, the theory of Peter Senge shows the importance of adopting the learning organization effectively. Therefore,he concluded that in order to transform this into an organizational development, the employees should be flexible enough to change the management and nurture the change effectively.

For implementing the change, the role of system would play an important part because without changing systems, an organization would not achieve the entire results at all. For the changing systems, the role of people should be placed under critical evaluation due to the fact that new systems would only be used by the people themselves and not the machines. With all these ideas and discussions, it seems that systems can be considered as the most essential element to adopt the changing organization or to maintain the operations under control.........................

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