Are Authentic Leaders Always Moral? The Role of Machiavellianism in the Relationship Between Authentic Leadership and Morality1 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Are Authentic Leaders Always Moral? The Role of Machiavellianism in the Relationship Between Authentic Leadership and Morality1 Case Solution


From the overall research it has been concluded, that there is no significant relationship between the Moral reasoning and authentic relationship, and it doesn’t affect the Moral actions and through authentic leadership. Also, it has been found that the phenomenon of Machiavellianism is a mediating factors that mediates the relationship between the moral actions, authentic leadership. In addition, it has been found that such factor has a strong reversing factor in the moral reasoning and authentic leadership hence it becomes negative when the value of Machiavellianism is high on scale.

Moreover, through the findings it has been concluded that the organizations should hire the manager that are low on Machiavellianism scale, due to its reversing impact on the leadership and moral values. As it allows the mangers to perform better under the authentic leadership activities and also develop a strong relationship and role with in the organization due to low rating on Machiavellianism.

Hypothesis Testing

In order to test the hypothesis, the researchers used the Survey technique, in which it included managers working in different positions in the Australian organization. In addition, it used the case study technique to understand the perspectives of different leaders under the given situation.

Moreover, the researcher also employed the behavioral technique in order to understand the behavior of different individual in different situation provide, so to understand the impact and the relationship between the given variables.

Apart from this, the researcher used the regression analysis in order to gauge the relationship between different given variables. The cron Bach alpha and the Statistical tools has been implied in order to develop the relationship between different given variables.

Lastly, the researcher implied the focused groups study technique, by giving the role playing technique that allows researcher to gauge the results through observation.

Reliability of the Test

The only problem identified is the uneven nature of the research which is exploratory research. The problem with exploratory research is, that the data is analyzed using the surveys and observation, that may change indifferent situation and indifferent region, such may question the reliability of the research.


  1. There is no clear definition of the Variables and the ethical behaviors supported by the pars researches that make it difficult to gauge the variables on correct definite scale.
  2. In addition there is no depiction of the past data in detail that makes it difficult to connect the past research with the present findings.
  3. Also, the time has been limited and the sample size depicts the limitation to the research.

Test Used

The author analyzed the data by using the Statistical tools such as, Mean, regression, standard deviation correlation and conditional indirect effect test has been used, to develop and gauge the relationship between the chosen variable.


Well, by analyzing the conclusion, it can be said that the given set of conclusion is too narrow since it doesn’t covers the details that has been discussed I the case, rather details only the minor findings. Though it entails the effect and the outcomes of the findings in terms of organization and leadership behavior, yet it does not detail the hypothesis tested and the results generated. In addition it also doesn’t covers the part of the past reaches which is important, aa sit allows to draw on the future findings.

Accuracy of Methodology

Well, yes, the conclusion can be trusted by analyzing  the step 3 and step 4.It is due e to the fact, that since the regression that has been run and that the relationship between different set of variable has been trusted through statistical tool. In addition, the past reaches also suggests the similar result that also verify the researches and make its reliable to be implied in future.........


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