ArcelorMittal (C) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

From the point of views of the senior executive of Mittal and the senior executive of Arcelor, this case takes a look at post-merger combination. Similar to lots of mergers, the ArcelorMittal merger was promoted as a "merger of equates to." Unlike the majority of, it was really handled as such and it worked.

The case series takes a look at 3 important choice points (one for each case) and challenges that the 2 senior executives dealt with from the line company throughout the execution of the combination. Also See ArcelorMittal (A), item # 910M01 and ArcelorMittal (B), item # 910M02.

PUBLICATION DATE: February 19, 2010 PRODUCT #: 910M03-PDF-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is aboutĀ GLOBAL BUSINESS

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