Applications of Business Analytics in Healthcare Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The American healthcare system has the analytics as its competitive edge would a critical part in its future, as it is already at a crucial point. Most of the healthcare systems gather data electronically and start to capture more novel forms of data like human DNA, what are the approaches that we could follow for the optimum utilization of these resources and how it can help to develop a healthcare system at a reasonable cost?

This article defines that how analytics would have a vital role to the development of the American healthcare system. Although, to apply and utilize the analytics it has various challenges: less availability of data standards, constraints in collecting the high-quality data, and a lack of expert for such analyses. It also possesses numerous managerial issues, what are the ways to achieve end users of electronic data to utilize it consistently in order to enhance the delivery performance of healthcare and how to organize the individuals reporting and sharing of data. This article determines the applications of analytics in healthcare, barriers that exist in its adoption and its mentors. The modern heathcare objectives, including high-quality, on time delivery, reasonable in price, and effective care, can be accomplished with the help of proper use of analytics. 

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Applications of Business Analytics in Healthcare

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