Applications of Business Analytics in Healthcare Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Testing time is being encountered by American healthcare system, and analytics, such as an organizational skills, serve as fundamental towards its future. As more healthcare systems start to accumulate more novel types of data, for example human DNA and get information electronically, how will we exploit them to enhance human health at a cost that can be afforded and leverage these resources? In this specific article, we claim that analytics will play a fundamental part in the transformation of the American healthcare system.

However, there are many challenges to the application and usage of analytics: the dearth of data standards, hurdles to the group of high quality data, along with a deficit of qualified employees to conduct such investigations. Additionally, there are multiple managerial problems, like how to handle the public reporting and sharing of data and ways to get end users of electronic data to employ it consistently to improve healthcare delivery. In this article, we explore applications of analytics in facilitators, obstacles and healthcare to its widespread adoption, and ways in which analytics can help us reach the aims of the modern healthcare system: high quality, responsive, affordable, and efficient care.


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Applications of Business Analytics in Healthcare

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