Apple’s Future: Apple Watch, Apple TV, and/or Apple Car? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Apple CEO realized that in order to grow continuously the company must continue to innovate new products.

This case investigates three new (genuine or potential) merchandise offerings from Apple: Apple TV the Apple Watch, along with the Apple Car. All three groups represented substantial opportunities and challenges. The smartwatch category was relatively new and determined to increase its growth, when Apple released its Watch in April 2015, but the use case stayed dubious, and Apple would face a solid challenge from Android-established adversaries.

Does Apple have the ability to develop a competitive offering, although the television industry, confronting growing discontent with conventional cable bundles and also the growth of internet streaming, was ready for interference? The vehicle industry with increase in electric cars and sovereign driving technology, was also initiating variations however the engineering and economic challenges of the business made any move into that space a risky bet.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Apple’s Future: Apple Watch, Apple TV, and/or Apple Car?

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