Apple inc. In 2010 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

1.1 Introduction

The company Apple Inc. has been an American multinational firm what looks to design computer software products and consumer electronics goods. The major products of the company have been its Macintosh, iPod and iPhone. It also has quite a few softwares that make the company offer different products to the customers. Apple Inc. has over 400 retail stores in more than 15 countries and has online stores where it sells all kinds of hardware and software products.

Moreover, the company is the second largest IT Company after Samsung it terms of revenues, however, it is the largest company in terms of total assets and Apple is the world’s third largest smart phone manufacturer in the world. Apple Inc. is the largest music retailer. Along with this, Apple Inc. has been the first United States based company that is valued over $700 billion. The total number of employees working at Apple Inc. worldwide is approximately 72,800 full time permanent employees.

1.2 Background of the Case Study

It was April 4, 2010, when Apple Inc. launched one of its most anticipated products that was the iPad. The innovation was a new market and a new product for different customers. The new innovation was a multimedia media, computer tablet. This has the third major innovation by the company Apple Inc. The CEO of the company Steve Jobs has been quite motivated and pumped up with the launch of Apple iPad.

He believes that it will serve as a revolutionary product in the market. As per the research conducted by Steve Jobs he believed with the introduction of iPhone, iPod, iPad will also serve as a success factor for the company and it shall gauge in a lot of customers.  As per his research, Jobs had complete faith in the new product and he suggested that it will be a blessing in the market.

The company Apple Inc. started off as “Apple Computers” where it has always been a company that offers Macintosh personal computers (PCs) in the early part of the 1980s and the 1990s. With the renowned brand name and strong market presence, the rapid growth and the overall high profits in the early 1980s, Apple Inc. almost went bankrupt in the year 1996.

At that time, Jobs went on to innovate new idea, products and different features of its company, where it even diversified the motive of the company from being a personal computer maker to electronic consumer goods manufacturer. He introduced new products and entered diversified markets also. This was the time when Apple entered into new markets quite efficiently. Apple Inc. even introduced the mobile devices. As per the fiscal year of 2009, the total sales of the company reached $43 billion. During recession also, Apple stood considerably strong and hung on to its profit margins with ample success.

Along with this, Apple Inc. has been a successful turnaroundcompany where it has been a successful accomplishment.  Along with this, Steve Jobs has been fully aware of the fact that Apple cannot relax since it participates in the information technology industry. Moreover, Macintosh sales over the years has grown faster than the industry in the recent years, where Apple has been sharing a worldwide in the Personal Computer market has been quite successful in the market.Apple Inc. has been quite successful with its products and services that it has been offered in the market.

Apple inc In 2010 Case Solution

1.3 Statement of problem

      The case “Apple Inc. in 2010”, basically discusses the launch of iPad, which has been the third major innovation from the company. The launch of iPad has been a major introduction by the company over the past decade which has been released by the iconic CEO Steve Jobs. Along with this, Apple strategy has been based on the fact, that it has shifted its business into non personal computer products also.

      For instance, the non-personal computer products such as the iPod and iPhone have been an instant success in the market. In spite of the success in all its major innovations, the sales of Macintosh in the PCmarket has languished below 5 percent. Moreover, the overall growth of iPod sales has been slowing down, whereas the iPhone has faced increasing competition in the telecommunication or the Smartphone industry.

Steve Jobs has to recognize the challenges that the company is facing in the PC market, iPhone and iPod segment. Besides that, he also needs to assess the opportunity that can be exploited leveraging the new innovation in the form of iPad......................

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