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Global Expansion

            Global expansion is always helpful for NBK to achieve long term growth and success. Dabdoub had adopted several practices for the sake of business expansion at the global level. NBK would have gotten various benefits for expansion, some of them are as under:

  • Strengthen customer base
  • Increase market share
  • Enhanced brand image

Strengthen customer base

            The strategy of global expansion would result in a number of valuable customers for NBK. The more the branches in the regions, the higher the customers for the bank. Strengthening the customer base provide a great way to achieve competitive advantage in the long term.

Increase market share

            Global expansion strategy will increase the market share of the National Bank of Kuwait. The strategy of operating at global level requires strategic decisions and implementation. If all the branches of the bank perform up to the mark, it will result in increasing market share and profit of NBK.

Enhanced Brand Image

            One of the benefits of global expansion is to improve the brand image of an organization. Because NBK’s brand image has already developed, it will help in further enhancing at global level. By improving the brand image, NBK would be able to diversify its product line to increase the sales and to gain competitive advantage.

Target GCC Industry

            NBK focus to target the Arab industry is favorable in the long term perspective. NBK has to set higher standards to target the GCC industry and need to find the right opportunities for the sake of business expansion. To become the Arab regional bank by 2020, NBK needs to understand the industry and requires the services of native individuals. If NBK would be able to understand the GCC market efficiently, there is no reason that they would be one of the top leading financial institutions in the region. Talented and qualified personnel should be hired in order to understand the Arab culture. After understanding the culture, it is much easier for NBK to explore the opportunities and increase the market share. NBK also needs to be involved in partnership with the U.A.E Central bank to achieve its objective. If they succeed in attracting the board of directors of the U.A.E Central bank, it will much easier for them to capture the market share.

Q.3. Leadership quality of Ibrahim Dabdoub

Solution No.3

            Ibrahim Dabdoub was successfully able to manage the banking operations at NBK. He was leading from the front in the organization. During the period of economic instability, Ibrahim Dabdoub effectively performed and cope up with the situation smartly. Dabdoub’s leadership would be tested by a number of challenges that could affect the performance significantly. Al-Manakh Stock Market Crash and Iraqi Invasion were the toughest challenges which he faced. The global financial crisis of 2008 also was a major upset for the industry decline, financial performance of several institutions declined due to it. Dabdoub was able to maintain a solid financial performance of NBK to gain competitive advantage. Though Ibrahim Dabdoub had the various leadership expertise and qualities, some of them are:

  • Honesty
  • Ability to Delegate
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Positive attitude
  • Creativity
  • Intuition


            It is very important to become a successful leader, Ibrahim Dabdoub was a very honest individual and taking the decisions for the sake of business interest. He was very responsible and professional in its approach that proved to be beneficial for the organization. Ethical and honest behavior of Ibrahim Dabdoub brought positive change in the organization.

Ability to Delegate

            To achieve the goals and objective of an organization, leader has to take the responsibility while taking business decisions. Dabdoub always trusted on the team and assign the tasks according to their skills and expertise. Assigning the task to the concerned departments is an essential element for any organization to grow the business, and Dabdoub successfully performed it. Dabdoub has been able to successfully identify the strengths of each department.


            Dabdoub has been able to convey the vision of the organization quite efficiently. Employees of the organization were getting the positive message with the approach of Dabdoub. Consequently, there was a change in the overall organization and the communication between different departments improved alot. Dabdoub always aimed to convey the vision among all the employees for the sake of business interest.


            This is one of the main qualities to become a good leader, Dabdoub always felt confident while taking business decisions. Dabdoub also provided huge confidence to the subordinates to enhance the performance of all the business operations. Any leader who does not have this quality, cannot become a good leader. The more the leader is confident, it will be more beneficial for an organization to achieve long term success...............................

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