TRX, Inc.: Initial Public Offering Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The "TRX, Inc.: Initial Public Offering" case delivers an all-inclusive coverage of a company's decision to commence an initial public offering (IPO) and the development of going public. The case follows the sequence of events from the business's incorporation in 1999 through the end of an IPO in September 2005. The TRX IPO case also include consideration of another incentive for going public, in addition to raising capital. At the time of its incorporation in November 1999, TRX tried to go public but in the ensuing dot com collapse, the IPO was never finished.

They never materialized, although Davis had expected guidance and business opportunities would be provided by the tactical investors for TRX. By 2004, he had come to believe the biggest strategic investor, Sabre, Inc. wasn't working in TRX's greatest interest. Therefore, the IPO is motivated by a twofold objective: to raise cash and to provide for a strategic reorganization of the company's ownership structure.

TRX, Inc. Initial Public Offering Case Study Solution

PUBLICATION DATE: September 20, 2008 PRODUCT #: UV1207-HCB-ENG

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TRX, Inc.: Initial Public Offering

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