Saudi Arabia: Ready for Takeoff? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Saudi Arabian market has grown noticeably, thanks to rising oil prices and export earnings during the year 2008. With three possible alternatives, Seth Thomas, the CEO of WCC, was faced in early 2009. Continue to export, as the firm had done so successfully for years and the second choice was to expand plant capacity at home.

The third option was to wait and delay both decisions due to the doubts brought on by the international monetary and economic catastrophes in year 2008. Whether Saudi Arabia could administer its economy to avert the global recession was an open debate, but preliminary data were encouraging. The case examines the amount of schooling of educational system and the labor force and government regulations and treatment of foreign investment to support the increase of supervisors and local executives.

Saudi Arabia Ready for Takeoff case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: September 30, 2009 PRODUCT #: TB0027-HCB-ENG

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Saudi Arabia: Ready for Takeoff?

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