An Inside View of IBM’s ‘Innovation Jam’ Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The IBM Innovation Jam was the largest-ever occasion to encourage networked idea generation. In participated more than 150,000 IBM workers, stakeholders and vendors two three-day on-line occasions to cultivate bring products to market faster. IBM innovation and assist Using Web sites, wikis, newsgroups and other on-line tools, Jam participants generated hundreds of thousands of new business ideas. From those thoughts, IBM invited its workers to build on the thoughts within those issues and focused on several important themes for the second part of the Jam. As a consequence of this procedure, 10 different businesses were funded. Nevertheless, it was not these successes that make the Jam interesting, contend the writers; it was the problems that IBM faced in implementing the Jam. Given exceptional accessibility to the Jam, the authors discuss the complications inherent in collaborating with several people.

In particular, it was rigid to maintain individual "dialogues" in the collaborative process. Some great ideas were left to wither on the vine. The writers discuss other attempts at large-scale collaboration, including some by Dell and Starbucks. The advantages along with disadvantages of these methods are discussed and the authors provide a framework for thinking about how an organization and its stakeholders can collaborate.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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An Inside View of IBM’s ‘Innovation Jam’

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