An English Teacher in South Korea Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

It was his succeeding time teaching English in the South Korea, and he took another place without doing a lot of due diligence before arrival since he had a brilliant experience the very first time. Shortly, however, he realized that a city tax was being deducted from his pay, and he'd suspicions that the city tax was being made up by his supervisor, as a way to deduct funds from the English teachers' pay.

He couldn't look for a fresh employer since Bert's visa to remain in the state was tied to his employer, because foreign teachers had few rights in South Korea, nor could he efficiently find legal recourse against his company. This case was made to be utilized in business ethics, an undergraduate organizational behaviour or international management class. It was written using a first-person and nonchalant language standpoint because the key character is merely several years older in relation to the students in a typical undergraduate classroom, so many of them are going to relate to his experiences and the main character in this scenario.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 04, 2011 PRODUCT #: 910C27-HCB-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about GLOBAL BUSINESS

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An English Teacher in South Korea

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