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With annual revenue of almost $275 million, it was among the biggest private dairy farm firms in the Andean area. Alpina's societal initiatives began in the history of the organization. A work environment where the needs of stakeholders were a priority was created by the founders of the business and the families that were involved in its operations. There were changes in its ownership structure, as the company grew. Yet, in 2006, the owners of Alpina, Inc. were still a relatively modest amount of family investors. With increase there was also an expansion of social initiatives, which were carried out in different regions.

These efforts fell short when, upon executing a new corporate model in 2006, the Executive Committee began to challenge the function and scope of these social activities. The case sets the students in the area of Juan Pablo Fernández who, after three years in the company, was named Vice-President of Advertising. The Executive Committee gave his office the job of preparing a proposal to raise Alpina's societal impact and established a limitation on the number of resources available for these actions. The advice provided in the case allows the student to examine and examine two paths. One chance was to expand the actions carried out by the business up until that point, which were aligned to varying amounts with the commercial activities of the company but were generally integrated into the value chain. This was the route selected by others in the sector and it would allow the company to undertake inefficiencies and distinct threats that impacted the company's overall performance. On the other hand, there was the possibility of creating the Alpina for Nutrition Foundation, which would help avoid the criticism of benefiting from the unsatisfied nutritional needs of the poorest part of the population. In the function of Fernandez, the student must determine which of these two directions the firm should take and to propose how best to make it happen.


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