Alphadale Community Bank Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Alphadale Community Bank, Inc, started its activities as a branch of the bank on January 1, 2006. It was dedicated to serving those who are in a small community Alphadale, who just wanted to basic banking services, not all the bells and whistles, in a place where they feel comfortable and at home every time they walked through the door. Operations that occurred during the first year of operation are listed, and students are asked to write down all operations related to the first year of work, prepare December 31, 2006 balance sheet, and prepare a profit and loss for the year ended. Sheet to record these transactions is provided. "Hide
by Luann J. Lynch Source: Darden School of Business 3 pages. Publication Date: January 7, 2007. Prod. #: UV1127-PDF-ENG

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Alphadale Community Bank Inc.

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