Driving Innovation at PAR Springer-Miller (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In autumn 2009, chief executive officer and the new president of PAR Springer-Miller Systems, based in Stowe, Vermont, is tasked with leadership the most critical innovation attempt the business has under-taken since its start in 1984. The company is a leading supplier of property management, point of sale and spa management systems for high end hotels, resorts, spas and casinos world-wide, but its legacy products are derived from old technology and subject to increasing customer complaints; at the same time, the global recession has adversely impacted the high-end marketplace. In his first year, the newest president has made significant progress in changing its culture into a more entrepreneurial one and restructuring the organization. He is preparing to begin the development of a totally new merchandise but has to determine in particular mapping out an agenda to carry out its development and launching after which determining on the very best market on which to focus the newest software product.

How can he elicit a radical innovation from a team of management and workers so culturally rooted in their past achievements and legacy products? Should he look to get a technology partner and develop the new product in another location? Can the legacy products running long enough for the new merchandise to build sufficient sales that they can be retired and be kept up? All these really are the problems that should be addressed or the company may well face a future that is awful. Writer Susan Fleming is connected with Cornell University. Writer Alyssa W. Goldman is affiliated with Concept Systems, Inc.


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Driving Innovation at PAR Springer-Miller (B)

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