Japans Automakers Face Endaka Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In April 1995, the Japanese yen hit a post-World War II high against the U.S. dollar. The relentless climb yen affected firms on both sides of the Pacific, but fell particularly hard on the four major Japanese automakers. This is considered as endaka - or "high yen" - changes the competitive landscape for automakers and how they react to changes. Examines how macroeconomic and political changes can affect the competitiveness of firms operating in the global economy. Also describes how companies can change their strategies in order to compete, even in a completely different home. "Hide
by Julia Coe, Elizabeth B. Stein, Debora L. Spar Source: Harvard Business School 18 pages. Publication Date: January 19, 1996. Prod. #: 796030-PDF-ENG

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Japans Automakers Face Endaka

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