Alibaba: Credibility Crisis Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Alibaba: Credibility Crisis Case Solution


Alibaba was established in 1999 by Jack Ma. It has progressed with the technological advancement by providing services of online services of wholesaling and retailing. Entrepreneurs allocate Alibaba in order to reach its targeted customers. Alibaba has differentiation of providing facilities of online shopping for its customers. Customers were able to find different brands with the one click. It was initiated as the small B2C business that provides customers with the facility of online shopping of the well-known brand and get a variety of other brands to choose among them.

Alibaba has invested to contribute in the competition of internet shopping. The suppliers use to sell their products online.Through services of Alibaba, the sellers have enabled the services of retailing using E-commerce tactics. Moreover, companies became enable to carry out with the competition in the domestic and international market through increase of sells via Alibaba’s platform.

Alibaba has originated was The website has formulated a service for the Chinese exporters, entrepreneurs and manufacturers market in the domestic and international market both. Alibaba currently deals with the large companies and their brand names are valuable on the sites of Alibaba. Alibaba has established its sub categories that are Taobao, China yahoo and shrimp music through which it advertise products and market and advertise services also. It also has formulated structure of online payment in order to formulate its customers. It also remains involved in cloud-based computing and mobile solutions.

Problem Identification

Alibaba has incorporated a trust name among its customers. An atmosphere of transparency and honesty has developed through efforts of Alibaba. Moreover, well-known brands trust Alibaba to sell its products or services through internet based channels. However, Alibaba appeared to the conflict of counterfeiting.

Counterfeiting is a world crime that includes selling product or services under the name of a trusted company without taking permission of the company or achieving copyrights. The purpose of counterfeiting is to provide the product or services that are manufactured cheaply without Research & Development and get the sell on the lower prices under some trusted brands. There are several risks that are associated with counterfeiting that are:

  1. The sale of counterfeiting goods is totally illegal activity that describes a crime.
  2. The purchase of such goods is associated with the crime activity.
  3. As the counterfeiting goods developed at cheap rate, there is no assurance of quality of the product.....................              .  This is just a sample partial case solution. Please place the order on the website to order your own originally done case solution.

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