Airport And Aviation Security Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In this study, the major importance has been given to the safety and security of the passengers. The ultimate purpose of this study is to identify the underlying traits and abilities that are required for the successful performanceof the approaches that have been discussed. The main focus of this effort is to develop the procedures and protocols that might assist the government while undertaking all the responsibility to lower the risk of unlawful acts or accidents. This research seeks to identify the threats and challenges of the aviation security. In addition to this, the paper also identifies several approaches along with advantages and disadvantages in order to reach at a high potential approach. A major emphasis has been given to the screening program, training of employees’ workforce at the airport and to the airport security information management system. A reliable and effective security informationmanagement system plays animportant role in deterring an aircraft from terrorism, hijacking and other unlawfulinterferences. It is analyzed after discussing the pros and cons of each approach that the system is designed in order to integrate a variety of airport security information by analyzing and mining data collected from the checkpoints and then, the information tends to be stored in the server database which then supplies proper and complete information to the airport.

Airport And Aviation Security Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


A safe, efficient, secure and protectedaviation security system is essential to any economic and social wellbeing. The aviation industry assists in trade and travel as well. Besides this, the aviation industry is known for connecting zones, cities and towns. The countries have responsibly undertaken all the comprehensive and thorough approaches in order to better safeguard the aviation system from unfavorable events andterrorism. The comprehensive approach is based on the in depth principlesof security,which means there would be extensivesecurity due to which, the chances of terrorism and attacks would be lower. However, it is necessary to put all the efforts in order to make the security systems for aviation security more safe, efficient and effective.Time, effort and money is required to ensure airport and aviation security.

The ultimate purpose of the aviation security is to wholly contribute to the increased aviation safety of flights with effective and appropriate techniques and measures in order to prevent the any unfavorable or illegal actions that are directed against commercial and noncommercial flights. The foremost part of the aviation security are confined to access the control, security and safety screening for the employees, passengers and the carryingitems, monitoring and observing buildings and fences and other related measures.The training plays an essential role when staff is encouraged to an open reporting culture, which is very important for security and safety development purposes.The trained experts are responsible to carefully implement aviation security and training is provided to them in training and guidance programs where they tend to learn to become aware of the all tactics and measures (safety-and-security-are-important-in-aviation, 2016).

It is crucial that the aviation security awareness and training of all the employees is regular and well maintained so that all of the airport employees could become a part of the airport security chain......................

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