Aic Notebook Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Aic Notebook Case Study Analysis

To decide the monthly yields, the process duration of 50 secondsper unit is utilized. For the creation of the scratchpad, there are four mechanical production systems and 2 movements of 8 working hours. For estimations, it is expected that there are 25 working days. Exhibit 1 shows the estimations for the monthly yield of the plant in the present circumstances. The month to month creation of netbooks would be around 115200 units.

Taking a gander at the arranged tasks of the immediate work at the sequential construction system, the real activity is taking additional time than the arranged time. The arranged time per station on one unit is almost 40 seconds for all stations. Overall, the hypothetical time taken per station is approximately 39.6 seconds.

The normal genuine-time taken by laborers on each station to chip away at one unit in the sequential construction system, is 44.3 seconds. Display 2 shows the correlation between the arranged and real-time tasks. The distinction in the arranged and genuine-time at each work station decides the bottlenecks. As stations 2, 6, 7 and 9 all take over 15% time, they are recognized as the bottlenecks.

Moreover, the arranged specialist per work station is one. In any case, more than one specialist is working in a station, then labors must be helping each other, indicating thatmore than one specialist are working at one work station. Instead of 10 laborers in 10 stations as arranged, there are 12 specialists at 10 stations, which shows that the effectiveness is low.


The company is recommended to change the present creation framework that will be accomplished through the usage of a 24-hour creation line. Likewise, a move in a day should be increased  from 2 to 3, with complete 8 hours for each move. As an addition to this, the working hours for each move should be changed i.e. from 8 hours to 7.25 hours (7 hours and 25 min). The estimation for the above option has been done in a spreadsheet. According to the estimation done in a spreadsheet, it is clear that the quantity of units has expanded bymore than 130,000 units and along these lines, anticipated interest can be effectively met now. The company is also recommended to increase the working hours from 8 to 10 hours per day.

Qualitative Analysis

Not long after the dispatch of Netbooks in the market, the interest for Netbooks expanded and so did for the workers. The situation constrained supervisors at AIC to make representatives work for more than nine hours. The administration at AIC was not ready to begin the third move as it was not ready to make an interest in enlisting and preparing. The additional extra time was neither one of the impacts of the cost nor was it reasonable. In addition to this, the Chief Strategy Officer of the organization did hope to have an ascent sought after by Netbook, by more than 130000 units in the upcoming months. The fundamental issue that the organization was confronting, was identified with keeping up the proficiency and expanding its profitability in the mechanical production system. Besides this, the organization was confronting additional issues because of a difference in the labors’ effectiveness To meet the efficiency level along with the desired efficiency at AIC, the management has  two options available. First one is that the company should increase an additional third shift in order toincrease the per day working hours from 8 to 10 hours..............................


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