Aggreko (A): Measuring Customer Satisfaction With Net Promoter Score Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Meehan, Sean

By the conclusion of the year 2004, Aggreko was progressing. A fresh strategy which led to a commitment to further recover the business’s customer inclination was revealed by the new CEO. Simon Lyons was recruited as head of communications and advertising. Lyons spent months getting to know the organization, feel its beat and understand how it actually worked. He saw there was no real obligation to marketing or at least his ideal of what advertising could give. There was incredible fire for serving a real dedication to getting the job, customers. Technical representatives and front line customer service as well as middle management felt very connected to the customer. There was no awareness of a coherent, reliable voice of the customer, informing key decision making.

To legitimize promotion, he needed a breakthrough. With clear support from the new CEO, he felt he had found it with a fresh customer satisfaction metric, Net Promoter Score (NPS). His excitement was controlled by a greater than hoped-for reaction from main key members of the executive team. He needed to find out what to do. Learning objectives: This case series is useful for examining a myriad of advertising problems. It enables the educator to dissect the general customer experience; the sophistication of Value Propositions; and leave pupils with a heightened understanding of the need to be responsive and attendant to motorists of dissatisfaction and also the drivers of satisfaction. The A case allows for an in depth learning of the advantages and disadvantages of Net Promoter Score as well as a detailed evaluation the critical implementation problems.

Subjects: Customer satisfaction; Customer experience management; Net Promoter Score; NPS; Drivers of dissatisfaction; Business to business; B2B; Strategy implementation; Strategy execution
Settings: Global ; Power and temperature control solutions ; 2010 revenue GBP 1,230 million ; 2004

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Aggreko (A): Measuring Customer Satisfaction With Net Promoter Score

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