ACA and the Union Bank Acquisition Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

OkeyEnelamah is the CEO of an African Capital Alliance which is a privately owned equity firm located in Nigeria. ACA has spent greater than a year in organizing a $500 million association bid to recapitalize and acquire Union Bank, the sixth biggest bank in Nigeria.

Numerous weeks in precedent the deal was planned to end, the un-anticipateddeparture of several international investors has place the group's ability to fund the deal in question. With time running out, Enelamah as well as the ACA investment committee must determine whether the Union Bank acquisition remains a sensible investment, or whether the time, abilities, and capital of the company would be invested in different parts of the fast-growing Nigerian economy.

PUBLICATION DATE: March 13, 2014 PRODUCT #: 814080-HCB-ENG

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ACA and the Union Bank Acquisition

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