Encana Corporation: Accounting for Foreign Currency Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

EnCana is a revaluation selected the functional currency and presentation currency. Historically, EnCana using Canadian dollars for its functional currency and in U.S. dollars for the presentation currency, but changes in the operations of EnCana in the last few years have led the company to reconsider its choice. For functional currency, EnCana must define Canada still represent its primary economic environment. In addition, EnCana is necessary to consider whether the reasons for using the U.S. dollar as the presentation currency are still valid. To make his decision, EnCana shall apply the guidelines in IAS 21 "Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates." Finally, EnCana shall determine the consequences of his choice in the financial statements. "Hide
by Darren Henderson, Chris Sturby, Gillian Heisz Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 25 pages. Publication Date: November 7, 2012. Prod. #: W12374-PDF-ENG

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Encana Corporation: Accounting for Foreign Currency

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