New York City Center for Economic Opportunity: An Evidence-Based Approach to Alleviate Poverty Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In late 2006, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has created a center of economic opportunities (CEO). Born of the recommendations Bloomberg appointed a public-private commission for economic opportunities, general manager of the company was developed to innovation laboratory that would test programs to combat poverty through the use of results-based approach. With a budget of $ 100 million, General Manager will closely monitor new programs and hold them accountable for producing measurable results. Unique, CEO cut funding for programs that are not "successful." Bloomberg named Veronica White Executive Officer CEO. White had decades of experience in senior positions in several agencies in New York, but with the CEO, it was a challenge for the future. She would have to reconsider how poverty was measured in the city, to promote cross partner agencies and, most importantly, to develop an effective and realistic evaluation of all programs. This case traces the problems of the team CEO for placement evaluation at the heart of its mission. General director of the program directed to the three target groups, working poor adults, young people aged 16 to 24, and families with children aged five and below. In the first year, White and her team launched a slate of anti-poverty programs, which ranged widely, and varied from the first New York City ever conditional cash transfer program to a program that will speed up graduation rates at community colleges. But from the beginning, evidence-based programs to the Director has been put to the test. White face constant pressure to "produce results quickly." Since 2008 recession, however, the general manager experienced significant reductions in their assessment of the budget. White and her team had to make the most of limited resources, while at the same time maintaining a comprehensive evaluation. Case Number 1971.0 "Hide
by Anjani Datla, Julie Boatright Wilson, Dan Levy Source: Harvard Kennedy School 18 pages. Publication Date: November 8, 2012. Prod. #: HKS724-PDF-ENG

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