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Compared with other Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development countries, Australia fell by a third in 2010 in the health system, taking after the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The Australian Government believes that the primary health care practice, in particular, have not changed with time enough to save to achieve higher levels of performance. One area of ​​concern in health care is the impact of the management structure in practice, "the various performance indicators. Indeed, studies by a combination of attributes of high performance health systems appear rarely in the literature. This study is the first attempt to solve this situation. It tells search case based on investigation conducted at seven primary care practices in Australia. Its main ideas include that higher effective methods are more hierarchical, complex but well-defined governance structures. Additionally, higher performance practice and seems to be characterized by that management practices are responsible for the overall business practices. Additionally, higher performance practice seem to be able to produce well-documented position description includes explicit responsibilities and accountability for the medical and administrative staff. "Hide
by Robin King, Peter Green Source: Business Horizons 16 pages. Publication Date: November 15, 2012. Prod. #: BH503-PDF-ENG

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Governance of primary healthcare practices: Australian insights

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