A-Rod Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The analysis is done in the excel sheet which are annexed with this report with named as “A-Rod Monte Carlo Simulation and NPV”, “A-Rod Comparison Data” and “A-Rod Capacity Scenario”. In these analysis, it shows that the financial strength with different perspective are evaluating Rodriguez with respect of the Investment Project.

Details of Calculation:

On the average the customer spent eighteen dollar for the ticket/reservation of the seat with addition of two point five dollar of the parking and one point eight dollar for the merchandise of the match. The total cost went “per attendance” was twenty two point thirty dollar. The calculation has been done with assumptions that economic condition should be the same as it is in the current situation. Furthermore, the company have to estimate the attendance with respect to the past historical data which are mentioned in the Projected capacity in the excel sheet with respect to the years. This figure is also demonstrated in the chart that is showing the capacity of the area to project the attendance. This analysis is the optimal picture for offering the bid price which revolves around their prediction of the company. The Taxes Rangers shows that the past results have no direct correlation between the wins and the audiences. In short and simple there is negative relationship between victories and attendances. This analysis of the correlation is done with calculating the “exhibit 6”. For this reason, the revenue is not generating optimal position. If the company wants to improve the revenue and their relation with the Rodriguez, so it has to improve the attendance of the Taxes Rangers which have almost supported 3930,000 audiences in eight games. Furthermore, simulation have been done with respect to the condition of the financial health of the company with respect to the returns and to maintain average cost of the salary of the baseball players. In the excel sheet there is also the calculation with respect to the salary of the Rodriguez and other team members. These all calculations have been done with the help of Crystal Ball software by oracle on the basis of an optimization model. The net present value is showing the feasibility of this investment project with covering all relative cost of the investments. All things are good but they need few changes for gaining the optimization from the project.

Statistics of Rodriguez

The following statistics gives the clear picture of the Rodriguez with the support of Investment project and their key factors are given below:

  • The Traditional stats depict the Rodriguez key performance with respect to its achievements.
  • Lowest salary players budget with recruiting based on the level of bad performance vice versa
  • Fame of the player gives them the respect which gives the key indicators of success.


The analysis of this whole case is giving the green signal to this investment project but on few restrictions. These restriction are the general clarification of the environment, past data and future player’s commitment. By using the NPV and Monte Carlo simulation, it shows that the moderate trend with little changes will increase the attendance and capacity of the stadium. But the correlation of this investment project shows the negative relationship which is quite good sign for the company for gaining more return in respect of the team victories. The game program should be increased for taking part in the American league which is beneficial for the company and their team.....................

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