A New Approach to China: Google and Censorship in the Chinese Market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The first across-the-table discussion between Google and China concluded successfully in 2006, when Google received a permit to establish a local domain (google.cn) targeted at Chinese Internet users and not subject to the "Great Firewall". During these negotiations both Google and also the Chinese government struggled to reach an outcome that would be acceptable to their constituents. Google was caught between pleasing its shareholders and maintaining its standing for free access to opinion, while China was balancing the desire for cutting edge search technology as well as the concern that liberal access to advice would undermine its political-economic model. Ultimately, the discussion resulted in Google running two domains in China: Google.com and Google.cn.

In early 2010, Google announced that its corporate infrastructure had become the goal of a series of China-based cyber attacks and accused of attempting to further limit free speech on the web, the Chinese government. These incidents caused a public struggle and private negotiations between Google and the Chinese government, which culminated in July 2010 when the Chinese government renewed the google.cn permit understanding that Google was redirecting all Chinese customers search to its google.hk.com website. This case concerns the changes in Google as well as the Chinese government's surroundings that led to Google withdrawing services from google.cn and the Chinese government economy face by renewing the google.cn permit. The case is dependant on the publicly reported events surrounding two series of dialogues between the U.S. technology giant Google and the Chinese Government regarding Google's permit in China.


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A New Approach to China: Google and Censorship in the Chinese Market

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