Zaplet Inc. (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Starting Zaplet, Inc, is a radical software prestigious venture capital financing, as well as many opportunities for business. New CEO Alan Baratz, choose a strategy and rebuild the organization to deliver. This case describes the role and philosophy of the founders and Kleiner, Perkins venture capitalist in the creation of the company, creating options for various business applications, and the process of selecting a business focus. These issues include the role of experiment in the selection of the market for new technologies, the impact of venture capital, the importance of recruiting key personnel, the transitions to the founders, and the appropriate organizational form strategy. Key decisions in how to further focus the company. "Hide
by Dorothy Leonard Source: Harvard Business School 28 pages. Publication Date: April 13, 2001. Prod. #: 601165-PDF-ENG

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Zaplet Inc. (A)

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