Ssangyong Corp. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In May 1996, the corporation Ssangyong, Korean major general trading company (GTC), must shift their trading business to better adapt to the current conditions. Korean manufacturers' leaving traders phenomenon has led to fierce competition between traders and weakened ODE "market power over manufacturers. The first question that needs resolution was whether and how the existing product-market portfolio Ssangyong could be revised. The second question is how to further internationalize their trade. The third question is how to determine which new businesses Ssangyong should continue. "Hide
by Paul Beamish, Yongwook June David J. Sharpe, Chang-Bum Choi Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 17 pages. Publication Date: March 13, 1998. Prod. # 98M002-PDF-ENG

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