Yogurt Mamas: Probiotics in Tanzania Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case exemplifies a grassroots business path to self-sufficiency in a subsistence market circumstance. It investigates the slow development of a business model with powerful pro-social mandates (pro-health, pro-women) and asks which increase choices may best marry profitability and positive societal change. The Mwanza-based Yogurt Mamas materialize as entrepreneurial role models in their communities; with resources from Western donors, and an exciting new technology, they look set on their way to success. Yet closeup evaluations reveal several outstanding concerns, including clarity of responsibilities and functions, patent restrictions, kitchen possession, food safety and quality concerns, capital sufficiency and accountability concerns among others. Despite favorable health impact assessments, the enterprise is fighting to grow - and growth is the key to its future.

Yogurt Mamas Probiotics in Tanzania Case Solution

Yet, as the job funding winds down, company dilemmas come to the fore. The case asks students to critically assess the hurdles to profitability and suggest working solutions to scaling up the enterprise. If the Yogurt Mamas cannot find an attractive and viable growth choice, the partners will need to contemplate enterprise termination once the grant funding comes to an end, or consider alternative exit options, including partnerships or adjacent business models.


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Yogurt Mamas: Probiotics in Tanzania

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