Xerox Corp.: The Customer Satisfaction Program Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In August 1990, the president and executive vice president of Xerox reviews the progress made in the program of customer satisfaction. Emphasis on the program, the success of the program to date, and the pursuit of corporate goals of customer satisfaction to motivate this review. Xerox customer satisfaction is priority number one, ahead of the return on assets (ROA) and market share. The case focuses on analyzing the strategic role of customer satisfaction program, its objectives, and action steps for implementation. It also describes the measurement of customer satisfaction systems, data analysis and follow-up. To increase customer satisfaction and management of the organization to higher levels of performance senior management believes that Xerox should offer a guarantee. Market research was conducted on customer responses to the four different types of guarantees. Decision must be made regarding the type of warranty imagine. "Hide
by Melvin A. Menezes, John D. Serbin Source: Harvard Business School 23 pages. Publication Date: January 10, 1991. Prod. #: 591055-PDF-ENG

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Xerox Corp.: The Customer Satisfaction Program

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