Xbox Launch in Korea Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In August 2002, Microsoft approached the first anniversary of its gaming console, Xbox. The first wave of console systems have been available in the U.S., Japan, Europe and Australia, and the second wave of the scrolls has been directed to Asian markets: Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Dan Adelman, manager of business development for the Xbox, and Brenda Ng, Xbox consumer strategy and the supervisor is considered marketing data for the start of Korea. They are required to analyze the results of the first report and identify problems to solve in a second, subsequent marketing research. Over the next few months, Adelman and Ng will lead the team in determining the Xbox console driver purchases and decide what segments of gamers objectives and messages to send to the target segments. "Hide
by Michaela Draganska, Frederic Descamps, Christopher Pennya Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 23 pages. Publication Date: Aug 01, 2002. Prod. #: M303-PDF-ENG

XBox Launch in Korea Case Solution


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Xbox Launch in Korea

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