Women and Power: Stories from Around the Globe Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case vignette is used and statistics broader issue discussed in each vignette to explore some of the ways in which gender is played in the struggle for power and control. Disenfranchised groups - those who do not have access to critical resources - have little access to power. In many countries, women make up one of these disenfranchised groups. Women around the world are disproportionately denied access to employment, education, religious freedom, many of the traditional routes of business financing, collective action, and social security. Vignette to explore ways in which the steps on the road to equality made in new, innovative ways. Even the basic approaches to access to critical resources is becoming more gender neutral. Vignettes and statistics are intended to illustrate, but not exhaustive. "Hide
by Alexis Gendron, Nicole Nasser, Kathleen L. McGinn Source: HBS 14 pages. Publication Date: Mar 05, 2002. Prod. #: 902203-PDF-ENG

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Women and Power: Stories from Around the Globe

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