Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-Hellas A.E. Case Help


Wolf Keller, a HBS alumnus, was 34 years old at the time of his death (Gabarro, 2002). He studied business economics & chemistry as an undergraduate at the University of Cologne. After graduating from business school, Keller worked as a strategic planner for a well-known German food company. This post, however, was short-lived, since he was elevated to general manager of a minor company in Greece that was having major financial troubles within six months. Keller was promoted to chief operating officer of a twenty million dollars German subsidiary with similar issues after turning it around in less than two years.

Keller join Konigsbrau as a chief executive of its Greek subordinate& left the food manufacturer after the two years on the sales of eighty million dollars & Keller was losing two million dollars per year at this sale. In the time of three years taking demand, the Greek division’s earnings are grown to five million dollars annually on gross sales of Hundred million dollars.

Problem Statement

Wolf Keller is an administrator of German Company and this is a beer company of the Ukraine Subordinate. Wolf faces different challenges in this corporate, which include managerial challenges in which two or more difficult challenges are to be made and in this situation, one challenge is totally undesirable. The Commercial Project Manager is a junior assistant of Wolf named Dmitri Brodsky. He is a skilled & professional Commercial Project Manager, who is not meeting of his aim opportunely and frequently necessary trustable assist from Keller. The Brodsky’s personality also causes disagreement with clients, co-workers, even Keller himself. Keller must select the best course of action with this tough employee in a business that is continuously changing, as well as a fierce competition for talent. He must also analyze what makes for a good performance assessment, as well as how his own actions affect Brodsky’s bad performance.

Strengths of Wolfgang Keller

Powerful Brand Owner’s Equity

In the internal market it works in, Keller has a-few of the most reputable brands. According to Gabarro, aided brand recall is significant in hiring new consumers seeking solutions in the conflict, Personal finance, talent management, superintendent and functional structure industries.

Cognitive Property Rights

Keller has collected an arrangement of patents and trademark through creation and pick up those privileges from the inventor. This can support the Keller in balking the difficulties of entrants in several corporations’ conflict, Personal finance, talent management, superintendent and functional structure.

Managing Regulations and Business Surroundings

Keller works in a surrounding where it faces many principles and government commands. The firm is to negotiate the surrounding through building a powerful relationship with foyer groups and the governmental system.

High Revenue Margin

Compared to its competitors, Keller’s profit margin is very high. This has enabled Keller's resources to not only withstand competitive difficulties but also to capitalize on research and development. And this is a powerful point for Keller compared to its new entrants.

Advance-Quality Goods& Services

Keller's present consumers are exceedingly faithful, so superior product& service quality can assist Keller’s enlarge its market share. In the report of Gabarro’s, on that point is sufficient evidence Keller can take part with other worldwide players in the worldwide market because of the advance quality of his goods & services.

Market Victory

Keller has a proven the performance history of establishment innovative goods to the internal market place and victual to a diversity of marketplaces based on consumer response. Keller has tried out many concepts in several industries and developed successful Leadership & Managing People solutions.

Powerful Internal Market

Keller's internal market is both a power and an obstacle to the company’s establishment & development. Keller can fluently expand in its internal market with little development.

Weaknesses of Wolfgang Keller

Inefficiently Managing Inventory

Based on the details provided in this case, we can accomplish that Keller is inefficiently handling inventory& cash flow. So this is a big weakness of any organization.

Low Rate of Return

Although Keller’s healthy statement of financial position, Return on Capital is one indicator that needs to be considered. According to Gabarro, the most dependable metric of productivity is Return on Capital, not single favored by business analysts such as return on net assets.

Consumer Disappointment

Although product demand has remained stable, there is a stewing sense of disappointment among Keller’s consumers. It shows up in online reviews. Keller should concentrate on areas where the customer “purchase and post-buy experience” can be better.

Technology Application in Operations

Keller has combined technology into the backend procedures, but it still cannot connect the power of technology in front end procedures.


Alternate 1

Keller mayhap capable of tapping into the worldwide talent market if he expands into new markets. It can also help attract talent into the local market and growing into new areas, according to Gabarro.

Alternate 2

In the worldwide market, Keller can use an Electronic Commerce Business Model to associate with local merchants & logistical suppliers. Keller augmented the use of social media.


In recommendation, the best alternative for the company’s administrator named Keller is that Keller can use an Electronic Commerce Business Model because through this alternate Keller connected with local merchants and logistical providers. Keller boosts up the use of social media can support him to reduce the cost of entering new markets and accomplishment to consumers with much smaller marketing expenditure. It could also lead to crowd funding many facilities and consumer-targeted marketing based on information and purchase patterns, so this is the best option.


Keller’s forerunner's chief executive was moving back to Germany because of his incapacity to work with Carellas. Both Keller and Carellas address to Haussler, who was a representative of the Vorstand. Keller was in control of all functioning, and Carellas was charge of outside association with banks, industry trade groups, and administrative organizations. Keller has faith that this worked competently, although he felt that Carellas occasionally missed being involved in daily functioning.....

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