Oberoi Hotels Train Whistle in the Tiger Reserve Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Oberoi Hotels Train Whistle in the Tiger Reserve Case Solution


Mr. M.S. Oberoi established the East India Hotel Ltd. (EIHL) in 1948, & since then, Oberoi hotel has been famous for providing first-class hotel facilities and buyer service throughout the India. The company’s aim is to stimulate its consumers and give them with a variety of superior-quality and out of the ordinary services. The company’s chief operating officer has thought about how to please existing and new consumers. Because the corporate is economically and functionally powerful, the service model has been built such that executives and staff are aware of the new consumer’s experience, as well as their likes and dislikes. Although these service standards, many satisfied consumers have been reported, with a corporate goal of zero percent consumer discontent.

The organization is working to manage and address the current scenario, which occurred in 2014 when a guest left after two nights despite having booked three: The reason stated was that the guest was concerned about the train noise in his tent, which was passing through local the village. Because these incidents could set a negative precedent for the hotel group and lead its quality to decline, the chief operating officer has recognized that upholding and achieving the company’s premium brand has become critical.

Problem Statement

Because of rising expectations and consumer inflow, the company’s present homogeneous services strategy for incident management is failing. In order to compete in a fast-developing market, the organization must establish approaches to continuous development, staff administration, and service competitive dynamics.

Situation Analysis

SWOT Analysis


This hotel business is firstly focusing on new manufacturing technology. Because of its powerful trademark name, the company has a long history of innovation & is one of the leading players in the United States Oberoi Hotels industry. In order to divert its profitability, the company focuses on its other divisions as well. This company’s goodwill is a superior quality to other competitors. This company is not purchasing raw materials with different suppliers because this organization is own production house for manufacturing raw materials.


Another fault of the corporation is that it entered the Oberoi Hotels’ aid market after P&G, rejecting it for the first mover advantage. However, the company’s competitors have developed new techniques of producing Oberoi Hotel that are deemed to be cost-effective and assist the company in reducing overhead costs.


Advertising can support a company’s sales and success by raising public knowledge of a product’s new features. The company uses advanced technology in the manufacture of Oberoi Hotels, possibly dropping per-unit costs and allowing the company to sell its Oberoi Hotels to price-conscious consumers.


The centralized government’s strategies for Oberoi Hotels have been changed, which poses a threat. One of the most serious dangers is the company’s ability to produce help. The corporation faces a significant danger because of the fierce competition created by several entrants in the business.

Porter’s Five Forces

The Threats of New Entrants

New comers are a big threat to Oberoi Hotels because of the Oberoi Hotels industry in the US is believed to be low. The market in the Oberoi Hotel is already dominated by controlling gamers. Beginner will have no impact on the established participants.

Bargaining Power of Buyer

In the United States, Oberoi Hotels industry, the consumer’s bargaining power is modest to high. The existence of many controlling gamers in the market who give consumers with nearly identical products is the cause for their considerable bargaining power.

Bargaining Power of Supplier

Buyers have modest to high bargaining power in the Oberoi Hotels market. The fundamental reason for suppliers’ greater bargaining leverage is that there are few dealers in the United States market, and the quality of material supplied by suppliers is not widely available.

The Threat of Substitute

In the United States, the risk of substitute is very significant. The substantial rise and decline in market share during the 1980s might examine it. The high risk of substitution is because of the lack of differentiation between the items.

Competitive Rivalry

The current Oberoi Hotels fight between two leading players in the business can examine the situation. The items are virtually identical, switching costs are assumed to be zero, and market actors employ various techniques to gain market share.

Question: 01

The Performance of Hotel and Customer Satisfaction

Oberoi Hotel is the well-known 5-Star hotel. Oberoi Hotel is especially famous for its quality-based customer services and customer care. (Ryan W. Buell, January 2015)The top management of the hotel completely focuses on the customer services because they believe this is the key factor which increases the brand image and attracts the customers towards over hotel in the Era of competition. The performance of the Hotel is also very satisfying because the customers are very satisfied with their services. The hotel provides the different customer services which include, Gifts and Greeting cards to the new customers, arranges free birthday parties, complimentary gifts and also wedding gift hampers to the new wedding couples. Hotel also increase the satisfaction of customers by offering them discounts. The top management of the Oberoi Hotel arranges a department for customer care known as the Proficient Customer Care Department of Oberoi. This department distribute questionaries' to customers for feedback that what’s your perception regarding the hotel and what we want to improve. If the top management finds the weakness in responses, they work on it immediately. The hotel also offers the smart benefits to the members of the Oberoi Hotel. Customers, members and employees can request parties and dinners at the hotel. The performance of the Hotel is very good and makes customers more satisfied. Satisfied Customers and Hotel High Performance empowers the Oberoi Hotel to have great Net Promoter Score....

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