Why Engineers Strike: The Boeing Story Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Why Engineers Strike: The Boeing Story  Case Solution

This case sheds light on factors that prompt engineers to strike light of the events at Boeing. The writer states the esprit de corps of Boeing engineers was in a recession because direction abruptly started highlighting fiscal results rather than engineering superiority, and engineers believed their contributions were given short shrift. The sign is that top management made no planning for weathering a strike and did not discover the decline in morale; so, it was captured by surprise when its knowledge workers walked out.

The writer analyzes changes in internal communications, the history and corporate culture of Boeing, and the inspirational mindset of professional knowledge workers for hints regarding the sources and progression of states that caused the strike. It's proposed that, had Boeing been sensitive to worker concerns, its new cost cutting emphasis would have been much more easily taken-- maybe blessed--by all workers as the price for keeping global business direction.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT




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Why Engineers Strike: The Boeing Story

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