Why 6 Million Americans Would Rather Work Part Time Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The article “Why 6 Million Americans Would Rather Work Part Time” has been written by Jeff Green. He has explored quite a debatable topic, which has been a topic of discussion in the United States. The fact that most of the people have been working part time has become a common practice in the country.

The article reflects the different and the different advantages of working part time. The paper discusses the situation where most of the people in their late 20s and 30s have been working on more than one job.

The reason for this shift has been quite radically influenced by the financial crisis of 2009, where most of these children saw their parents lose jobs over night. They had worked hard, gave their energy, their loyalty to the firm and ended up getting fired without notice.

Another reason that has been explored in the paper is the fact that nowadays people actually want to work over more than one job. The first job they then to do is to pay the utility bills, the rent of the home, pay their fuel expenses, the family routine expenses, where as the other job or the second job they do is to fulfill their passion and desire.

This is also a major factor and a reality of the market where people tend to work on dual jobs to actually enjoy work and also earn a living. The modern culture is that one cannot depend on single income and one source of generating revenues. In fact, one has to be quite committed and dedicated to explore different facets of life.

The paper also confirms that by 2020 more than 40% of the workforce would be working part time in the next six years. As the paper also explores the situation of Deloitte, more than 8000 out of the total 70,000 employees have been working as part time employees at the audit firm. This number is all set to increase in the upcoming era. The effect of this transition would be that most of the people shall be working part time or as freelancers.

Snag Job has been a firm that has been helping individuals to find part time work. This firm has been in contact with firms, which need individuals to come over and work for around 20 to 30 hours depending upon their availability. The paper has discussed the advantages and the major reasons, which have made the people in the United States,consider doing part time jobs. This has been a prevailing issue and a common theme in the United Sates job market since the financial crisis of 2009.

Personal Review

In my opinion, the idea to working part time is the way to go ahead in the future. I believe it has started off from the United States, how ever I believe it would excel and become a popular concept across the globe. I believe working part time allows the employees to be relaxed. Depending upon one single income makes an individual to try harder, work under pressure and end up messing the work. This generally happens because the individual does not want to lose his job.

I believe the idea of working part time allows the individual to work on his dream as well. At the moment, most of the people work to earn a living and they tend to lose upon the intrinsic interest.Therefore, I have this opinion that the individuals should explore more than one employment opportunity and ensure the bosses that they do not entirely depend on their salary, so that they cannot be exploited.Why 6 Million Americans Would Rather Work Part Time Case Solution

The article has covered a topic, which is one of the most discussed issues in the modern era. The video and the article have been quite aligned with the fact that the idea of making us as individuals independent is the most admiring thing.

Once the individual can work in for a living and for the sake of exploring his passion, his personal interest, and to fulfill his dream is something that can even motivate him to work better at work.

Therefore, I have this opinion that the idea of working as part time workers is a rather integral one not only for the interest of individuals themselves, how ever it would also help the companies find people who would be self-motivated because they would know that to earn a living and to pay the bills, they need to work hard and stay committed to the firm..........................

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