Who Is This Guy? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

As chair of the bookkeeping sector at Southern Regional University, Professor David Evans recently employed a seemingly promising young assistant professor of accounting. Evans has now received some very disturbing information related to this faculty member. The advice was that this new hire doesn't have the academic nor professional credentials he promised. As a consequence, Evans was in a near panic as to what actions he should urge.

He considered his options, which were: fire him instantly; quietly terminate him and denounce this fraud and make an urgent announcement about his unexpected departure; or enable this person to finish the term and not renew his contract. Evans weighed the reaction of the public, the university community, as well as the consequences for himself. In case B in the Instructor's Manual the suggestion Evans made to the academic vice president was accepted and acted upon. This decision in turn had second order effects for organizations outside SRU. In case C there were third order consequences of a private and serious nature for another member of the accounting department.

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Who Is This Guy Case Study Solution


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Who Is This Guy?

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