WHITE HILLS CHILDREN’S MUSEUM Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The organization is currently in the business of running a museum that offers activities and exhibits with its orientation towards environment to the visitors. White Hills Children’s Museum is located just outside of Northern California. The main and primary issue occurred when the director of the Urban Life Program of White Hills Children’s Museum, Ms. Jan Sweeney asked for the allotting of budget for her Cities and Streets Project. What can be done to improve the museum’s earnings?

The director of the museum should approve the construction bid proposed by Ms. Jan Sweeney, as these actions will not only help the museum in the short-term but in the long-term as well. Due to the decreased prices and costs, the museum will be able to generate higher level of profits, which will efficiently support the future operations of the museum.


White Hills Children’s Museum
1. How can Mr. Sampson move White Hills Children’s Museum to a surplus?
2. Should the director of White Hills Children’s Museum intervene?
3. What option should the Director of White Hills Children’s Museum select for increasing their profits from the profit centers?
1. What can be done to improve the museum’s earnings?


Currently, the operations of the museum are not efficient enough to positively affectthe financial statements of the organization. The director of the museum requires his managers to improve the bottom line of the company. The performance of the organization is gradually increasing as it is successfully attracting a large number of visitors due to its credible reputation. The strategy of the company is to provide the community with better options for their infrastructure, and how they can adopt to options that can support the development of cities with a touch of being eco-friendly.

Currently, the occurrences of cost are effecting the operations of White Hills Children’s Museum as they are asked to be more cost driven.



The White Hills Children’s Museum is a well reputed museum across the country. It has huge audience that visits the museum on a regular basis.The company has a high national reputation. It offers its services to the nearby museums as well, which positively affects the company’s revenues. White Hills Children’s Museum focuses on the betterment of the environment.Therefore, this gives White Hills Children’s Museum a green touch.


White Hills Children’s Museum is a mid-sized organization. This is not allowing them to add large exhibits in their museum. Since its origin, White Hills Children’s Museum has operated as a nonprofit organization, which has never allowed them in increasing their financial receiving. Due to its nonprofit nature, the employees in the past were not motivated.


The White Hills Children’s Museum’s management can focus on attracting a larger audience with introducing interesting and interactive activities or exhibits. The number of visits will increase if they provide services to their regular visitors like membership cards or discounts on their visits to the museum.White Hills Children’s Museum visit the schools with their staff that has knowledge regarding their exhibits, these staff members can share the knowledge with the children at school. This will increase the number of visits by the schools as the children will be interested in knowing more about the exhibits and watching them.


They have been a non-profit museum since their origin, now they have developed profit centers, which is a change implemented by their new director. This change can possibly affect the visits to the museum negatively. Exhibits that are large-sized cannot fit in the mid-sized museum, as there is very less space in the museum, which creates limitations for them and does not allow placing large exhibits. Absence of such existence might not attract the audience and they might visit any other museum nearby............

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